ویژگی های محصولات اسکولاپ در یک نگاه


So what makes them unique?



New joint connection

New locking design for Needle Holders

Second guiding pin for Forceps

Improved ergonomic handle design

Rough golf-ball structure for the handle

Noir Coating

Diadust Coating

Milled from one part


Feel the difference…New joint closur




New joint closure provides:

Smooth surface that protects against sutures getting caught

Lends the instruments an extreme stability

More precise guiding of the jaw parts

Improved locking function


Precision in your hands…..New locking design



New locking design provides:

 An additional guide pin

Ratchet can be securely locked in any position

No overpressure of the ratchet

Makes working with fine needle easier




The guides makes the different…..second guides element

New locking design provides:

Second guide pin

Avoids Scissoring

Reliable grasping of the needles, sutures and soft



Feel the different…..Improved ergonomic design



New ergonomic handle design

Cylindrical circular handle


Distance between the branches are very

Instruments can be turned like


Golf ball design:



Easy to clean

Secure grip, even with wet gloves   

Supports a fatigue free work


Noir- Coating:

Low reflecting Noir Coating

Approx six times harder then normal instruments steel

Wear and corrosion resistance


A large area with little space…..DIA DUST



New ergonomic handle design provides:

The rough surface increase the area, allowing you to grasp fine needles, sutures and soft tissue safely and securely:

Needle find its ideal position

Prevents slipping of the needle

Best possible perfomance in hardness an wear resistance

Needle find its ideal position

Prevents slipping of the needl

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