After sales services facility in MEM
After sales services facility in MEM

After sales services facility in MEM

For sure customers are the most important assets of every business, so we are trying our level best to understand their needs and meet their expectations by not only selling the products , but also giving required services.In this regards our professional technicians who have been trained in Iran as well as other countries are ready to deliver excellent repair services to the customers.They attend to different workshops in order to upgrade their know how and knowledge every year.

The following services we offer :

  1. Infusion pump and perfusors repair and calibration.
  2. Motor system repair.
  3. Medical gas system repair and calibration.
  4. Infected waste treatment system repair and calibration.

Postal Address:

NO 23, Nahid St, Mirzaye Shirazi St, Tehran, IRAN

Postal code: 1596956811

Tel: +98 21 88715681 | +98 21 88557846 | +98 21 88710122

FAX: +98 21 88721872

Aesculap Technical Services (Dubai)

Skilled craftsmen and trained instrument makers will refurbish your surgical instruments to ''like-new'' condition, quickly and conveniently.
Precision repair equipment enhances Aesculap's repair performance level because it is the same as that used in the original manufacturing process.
Factory spare parts give Aesculap the ability to properly repair your instrumentation with quality materials that match the original. This protects your instrument from contamination and corrosion, further reducing repair, replacement costs and down time.

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