BBRAUN Company

B. Braun Melsungen AG is a German medical and pharmaceutical device company, which has offices and facilities in more than 50 countries. Its headquarters are located in the small town of Melsungen, in central Germany. The company was founded in 1839 and is still owned by the Braun family.



Aesculap, is a BBraun surgical division for focuses on products and services for core processes in surgery

The product range includes among other items surgical instruments for open or minimally invasive approaches, implants (e.g. for orthopaedics, neurosurgery and spinal surgery), surgical sutures, sterile container, storage, motor and navigation systems as well as products for cardiology. The division also actively exchanges knowledge through its international service network


NOVIR Company

Founded in 1977, NOVAIR is a French manufacturer of oxygen generators, medical compressed air units and medical vacuum stations. We offer complete and safe solutions for the production and distribution of medical fluids to healthcare facilities, installators and research departments



CryoLife, Inc. incorporated in 1984 in Florida, was the first biomedical company to specialize in the ultra-low temperature preservation of human heart valves used for cardiac reconstruction, primarily in children born with heart defects. The Company preserves and distributes human tissues and develops, manufactures, and commercializes medical devices for cardiac and vascular transplant applications. The human tissues distributed by CryoLife include the CryoValve® SG pulmonary human heart valve and the CryoPatch® SG pulmonary cardiac patch tissue, both processed using CryoLife’s proprietary SynerGraft® technology. CryoLife’s medical devices consist primarily of surgical adhesives, sealants, and hemostats including BioGlue® Surgical Adhesive, BioFoam® Surgical Matrix, PerClot®, which the Company began distributing for Starch Medical, Inc. in October 2010.


ATA Company

ATA Medical is french company who is an expert in air quality in the healthcare market. With more than 25 years of excellence and experience, we are dedicated to the design of high 
quality products and tailor-made solutions for all areas where infection risk tends to occur. 
ATA Medical has a solid network in France and abroad with a presence in more than 30 countries. 
ATA proposes a range of hygienic products and solutions for operating theatres, cleanrooms, ICUs, sterilization, etc, with: 
• Compact and hygienic AHUs


ECODAS Company

ECODAS is an expert french company in treatment and processing of waste generated from hospitals, clinics, other healthcare institutions, seaports, airports, slaughterhouses, and animal meat and food processing establishments. It also handles the shredding and the destruction of confidential documents and supports.

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